WBU Champion of Champions

Started by Tony Haworth, Aug 09, 2022, 06:06 PM

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Tony Haworth

A previous topic has alluded to the fact that the WBU need to attract more club players to compete in National competitions - fully agree.
The Champion of Champions event was created to enable Club Champions to compete in a one-day all-play-all central event. This was first competed for in spring 2019 in the Metropole hotel - and all the Club champions enjoyed their day - many names I hadn't heard of - 24 Clubs submitted their Champion Pair.
Understandably the event wasn't held in 2020, but was held online in 2021 (for Club online Champions) - 12 Clubs submitted pairs (admittedly some Clubs were allowed to send two pairs).
Why was the event cancelled in 2022? - there were still sufficient online clubs in-being and coupled with the few clubs that had started f-to-f we could have had a viable event (my own Club - Porthcawl - could have submitted two pairs from their online Club Championship pairs).
I trust that the event will be calendared for 2023 - f-to-f, but to include Club champions for both online and f-to-f clubs.