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Started by gwynndavis, Sep 19, 2022, 03:01 PM

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Is it possible for the WBU to publish its full programme of events for the 22/23 season? We are emerging from the pandemic and we have a new NTO, so this is a good time for a fresh start. Not everyone will agree what the programme of events should look like, but we've had plenty of experience of it NOT working, so if you publish the full programme now it will give us all a chance to comment, and perhaps some mistakes might not be repeated, and some new ones might be avoided.


I am trying to meet every month with the ATO's for each area to plan our events going forwards. All the National Competitions and Camrose (LM & Teltscher) Trials are agreed, venues booked and are on the WBU Calendar. We have 2 new online competitions in November and December with A&B sections. The Premiere League also returns as a 2 week-end event in October / November 2023. The Welsh cup and Cambria Cups for 2023 will commence on completion of the existing events. It's very much up to the ATO's to add their own events onto the WBU Calendar. We have an ongoing problem regarding promotion of events via email and are working on it! Simon G (NTO)


I was suggesting that a draft programme of WBU events for the whole year (to August 2023) be published in readily accessible form. The online calendar, where you have to scroll down month by month, does not deliver that. It is also, I assume, incomplete. I appreciate there is considerable work involved, and that this takes time. The experience of past years is that events were scheduled, and appeared in the calendar (I would say were hidden in the calendar, as they received minimal or zero publicity beyond that) and ended up having to be cancelled.

The content of the programme is another question, as is the matter of whether events should be scheduled face to face or online. Given the fall-off in the number of tournament players in Wales it is not going to be easy to contruct a viable programme, with events going ahead as scheduled.


The WBU calendar software installed on our server is being used at a minimum level and capable of much more. viz.
Main Features

    Beautiful calendars, search pages, lists and booking forms to enhance our site events.
    Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
    Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
    Bookings Management (including approval/rejections, export CVS, and more!)
    Multiple Tickets
        Multiple Location Types
        Physical Locations
        Online Events (URLs)
        Zoom Webinars/Meetings Integration
        Submit Events
        Group Events
        Personal Events
        Activity Stream
    Guest/Member Event submissions
    Assign event locations and view events by location
    Event categories
    Easily create custom event attributes (e.g. dress code)
    Google Maps
    Advanced permissions – restrict user management of events and locations.
    Widgets for Events, Locations and Calendars
    iCal Feed (single and all events)
    Add to Google Calendar buttons
    RSS Feeds
There is no need for the WBU to use external software for booking forms and the like when we already have the best that is available through our CMS installed on the WBU secure server. The ical feed allows us to automtically add calendar details from other Bridge organisations should we wish.

Gilly Clench

Tony has been working on a different form of Calendar for the Website, as several of us mentioned that it was a bit clunky, so fingers crossed something better will emerge.  If you have all these ideas Mark and knowledge of the IT skills do have a chat with Tony.  (I don't even understand half the things you mentioned). He is incredibly flexible and willing to change things for the better, but he has a lot to deal with.