Gender Requirements on Step Bridge

Started by Simon Richards, Jan 14, 2023, 02:52 PM

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Simon Richards

Why does registration on Step Bridge require entry of your gender as a mandatory field. With the current position regarding people declaring themselves as non-binary, this is an anomaly.


Not a legal requirement in the UK but will be incorporated in a future software update.

Tony Haworth

WE have contacted the DUtch developers of STepBRidge with this issue, to which they have replied 'We will change this in time, but need to do some backoffice work first.'


Simon Richards

Personal Registration

This still wants to know your gender in order to register. Why is Stepbridge not moving with the times?

Administrator (Tony)

I've put a request in to Epko in the Netherland to not insist on submitting a gender. Will post a note when/if actioned


Alan Screen

We do not have to embrace woke idiocies simply to appease to the vociferous minority