Started by Tony Haworth, May 29, 2022, 12:17 PM

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Tony Haworth

Why not give the ever popular StepBridge online platform a try. There are Welsh/UK tournaments on 4-days per week - only £1.00 table money. See the StepBridgeUK website for joining details

Alan Screen

StepBridge On-Line:   a few clubs run their own sessions and some of those welcome members from afar
- my own club Newtown has a number from each of East & West Areas plus an occasional fron North and a regular from Dublin. Some of these clubs issue Master Points (Newtown for example).

StepBridge UK has been devolved from Netherlands to Wales and is(or should be) a useful source of additional income for Wales - so "come and join us"

Anyone wanting to join us on a Tuesday @ 7pm (usually 6-7 table) get in touch with me

Tony Haworth

...same goes for Porthcawl Club (Monday evening - 6.45pm.) - all are welcome (contact Tony Haworth)