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Started by Neville Richards, May 31, 2022, 11:42 AM

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Neville Richards

Can anyone explain please why the VP awards for the last session allocated to Ireland and Scotland on Realbridge do not add up to 20?

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Administrator (Tony)

I have spoken with Sarah (she was one of the TDs), who has advised me that it is because on board 28 the teams were awarded A+A+. She doesn't know the circumstances but it is done when a board cannot be played and neither team is at fault.

(from Sarah)

Administrator (Tony)

(This reply posted on behalf of Ferghal O'Boyle who communicated with Ceri)

In the Ireland v Scotland match, one of the boards was incorrectly duplicated by the organisers, which meant that the players at one table were unable to play the board.
The board had already been played at the other table so there was no opportunity to offer a substitute board.

Since this table was unable to play the board 'through no fault of their own' both teams were awarded 'Average Plus' (+3 imps) in accordance with Law 12.

Whenever we award 60%-60% the natural consequence will be that the total imps (or matchpoints) will exceed 100%.

Hopefully this clarifies why the VPs exceeded 20.