East Wales Congress

Started by gwynndavis, Feb 20, 2023, 01:57 PM

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The East Wales Congress, played in the Gwent club at the weekend, may show the way to a realistic tournament future for bridge in Wales. It was of course played face to face, at a bridge club rather than a more expensive hired venue, and the entry fee was modest (£10 per player per day). I doubt that East Wales made a profit, but nor should there have been a huge loss and at least there was a game, with an entry that included a smattering of club players who do not normally play in tournaments. Given the track record of the WBU in recent seasons this was a welcome demonstration that it is still possible to hold a bridge event in Wales that is not hopelessly misconceived and doomed to cancellation. The only unfortunate aspect was that the Saturday Swiss Pairs had 25 pairs, necessitating a sit-out for someone on every round. That is something that it should be easy to get right. The usual means of doing so is to book a stand-by pair, but if no-one is prepared to volunteer it should be routine to warn all entrants that given an odd number of pairs on the day the last pair to enter will not get a game  - and will of course have their entry fee refunded. That aside, the Congress was a pleasure to play in, and Colin and Marilyn Simcox are an excellent directing team.