Laws and Ethics Committee rulings

Started by gwynndavis, Oct 29, 2022, 06:00 PM

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Anyone giving their time to support bridge in Wales deserves our thanks. But membership of the Laws and Ethics Committee is not a job like most others - it's a chance, every now and again, to demonstrate a bit of sense or, conversely, to show silliness and weakness. The decision of the Committee in respect of the incident at this year's Perry Shield, when one pair refused to play a particular opponent (a campaign - actually a form of bullying - they have been waging for at least ten years), is so hopeless that it makes me question whether the WBU is capable of fulfilling this pretty basic responsibility. Either get a new committee or admit that we can't do laws and ethics and ask the EBU to do it on our behalf.

Gilly Clench

It is all very well criticising, when you are not on the committee, but you are probably not in full knowledge of all the facts.  Either you have a committee to deal with these things or you don't.  There was much discussion - too long and personal to relay and the result was acceptable to all concerned eventually.  It was far more complicated than meets the eye, however this matter is now closed.